This Black History collection is a unique design that features legendary and visionary figures:


  • MLK

  • Malcolm X

  • Barack Obama

  • and your choice of Rosa Parks or Kamala Harris.


The piece is titled “Dream Big” as Martin had a dream of seeing African Americans be recognized as more than just "black" but “people.” People who are talented, gifted and deserving to aspire to be anything in life regardless of their race or color. 

It is this reason, we chose “Mount Rushmore” as the setting for “the mountaintops” we believe MLK saw. And although there are MANY MANY black people who have and continue to be revolutionary in Civil Rights, we chose MLK, Malcolm X (and Rosa) as our forefathers - who paved the way for us to be able celebrate the inaugurations of Obama and Kamala.

That is the reason we created this art piece. As black history is for you, for us and for them.