How to Slay in 5 Minutes: A Mom's Guide to Looking Chic and Stylish

How to Slay in 5 Minutes: A Mom's Guide to Looking Chic and Stylish

Okay so... let's be honest. Us moms have graduated to the "I hate having to get dressed up" club. Whether you get a call or text from a friend or your S.O. (significant other)  - the anxiety sets in the minute you hear that you have to get dressed to meet up. "Do I have anything to wear? I don't have anything to wear. Can I still fit anything cute? Yes, these jeans should work. Wait, are we getting dressed dressed, or can I wear...leggings?" Despite how much you may debate with yourself, one thing's for certain; you'll still end up leaving your house 100% fabulous.  

So ladies, the next time you get that dreaded phone call or text, it's okay - we have an easy cheat sheet that may help you form the one look that every mom can slay

#1 Party at the Top:

Start with a statement top. A top with a fun pattern or print will instantly elevate your look. If you're feeling bold, you can even try a statement top with a cutout or two.Start by choosing a top which is dressy enough but not too over the top, as you are aiming for a look that will keep things classy and simple. If you choose a statement top, simply keep your bottoms without so much detail. Your top could be a fun pattern or print, or something classic with ornate buttons or accents (I personally love a bell sleeve, ruffle or wrap top).



#2 Layer Up

One thing I love is a good layer! Layers help polish a seemingly basic look, but they really can help mask trouble areas and, in some instances, even help balance out the sexy if you feel like you're doing too much. Perfect example? The photo for this blog story. I selected it as I would totally wear this entire outfit! Now, granted I had a baby (via cesarean at that - but I elaborate on this topic in another post) I still wear midriffs and cropped tops. A layer can help mask stretch marks, panty lines (if you love bikini cuts like me), fluffiness, and dare I say it (I'm saying it) back fat. We all have some level of it, so let a layer help you feel confident when you step out!

Closing thought: Layers are a great way to add interest to your outfit and help you feel more confident. A simple tank top layered under a button-down shirt, or a cardigan is a foolproof way to look put-together.



#3 Throw in The Right Bottoms:

The bottoms you choose will depend on the top you're wearing. If you're wearing a dressy top, you can pair it with a pair of well-fitting jeans or a pencil skirt. If you're wearing a more casual top, you can try a pair of leggings or a flowy skirt.

How your bottoms compliment your top will depend on the top itself. If you choose a semi-dressy top you can keep your bottoms simple; like a pair of well-fitting jeans. This option works well with a fancy, bold or flowy top as it creates a very chic but stylish ensemble. You could also wear a solid pencil skirt (high-waist a plus) to add a bit more sexiness to the overall look. Note: you can always switch it up and go for the opposite: fancy bottoms (such as leather, animal-print, patterns or bright colors) and any simple top. The contrast will definitely catch the spotlight.



#3 Feels for some Heels:

Yes - we said heels. Now before you start rolling your eyes and sighing out loud, hear us out. I "Toni" rarely wear heels (I know, shocking). So, when we say heels, we mean anything that has an elevated platform. We’re talking chunky heels, pumps, wedges - even mules and select loafers (think Stella McCartney platformed oxfords). I personally love a good chunky heel as it supports my arches and flat feet (which became even flatter after I carried Tony!)

dinner date night dress ideas


#4 Upgrade Yourself with A1 Accessories:

It's no secret that accessories can upgrade your look without much effort. The usual staples are things like bracelets or watches, a statement necklace, earrings etc. Meh, too basic. Whether your choice be precious metals (we love gold) or jewels, you have to stack and layer your jewelry like a pro. Statement necklace? Cool - double up on your wrists with a bracelet and watch or flip out your finest bubblegum-ball costume ring. Chunky earrings? Pair those off with some index, thumb and ring-finger stackable rings (a Toni favorite)!



#5 Makeup is a Must:

Even if you're not a makeup expert, a quick 5-minute makeup routine can make a big difference. I've personally reduced my routine down to about 15 minutes or less, with the exception of whether I apply lashes or make any attempt to contour (sorry but Fenty matchsticks is about the most I'm seasoned in on that matter). Ladies, the 5-minute refresher is simple: powder, blush, a swipe of mascara and lipstick. Don't forget to brush your eyebrows with a tinted powder for a crisper look just in case you're behind on a wax or threading (or two).



Fashion compliments and brings out a person’s personal attributes and we are here for every and anything that pronounces that independent style. Slaying ain’t easy but we understand the struggle.

Did we miss something that you think we should’ve called out? Did we nail it as is? Please tell us in the comments below how we're doing or if you think there's a topic us moms should be talking about!




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