Our Story

Thank you for being a part of Our "Why"

Enter the world of Tony by Toni, a brand co-founded by the resilient husband and wife duo, Corey and Toni, in 2018. Fueled by love and inspired by their son Tony, they embarked on a mission to redefine family fashion. In a world where "mommy and me" options excluded moms with sons, Toni and Corey self-funded this venture as a solution.

Certified as a minority and women-owned business, Tony by Toni stands as a testament to breaking barriers. Every creation is not just clothing; it's a pledge to bring more love into the world. By choosing us, you support a legacy that defies norms, embraces unity, and recognizes the inherent diversity of families.

Welcome to Tony by Toni – where fashion meets family. We are dedicated to being dynamic and unique, acknowledging that families exist naturally in diverse forms. Understanding that family crosses cultural boundaries, we commit ourselves to represent diversity and inclusion through our apparel.  #TonyByToni #FamilyLegacy #FashionWithHeart #UnityInDiversity #MatchingFamilyOutfits