9 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

9 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

“I can't live without my leather jacket - it's the best way to dress up a plain outfit.” –Amber Stevens West

We totally agree and to be totally transparent, a good leather jacket is going to cost you. But in the age of vegan leather and the like, we could get tangled in the weeds on price – it’s important, but then it’s kind of… not. So let’s Segway on over and begin talking about why leather jackets are hands-down one of the best fashion staples to own.

Leather jackets can add timeless fashion to any outfit but how you style it and the way you rock it can make or break your investment. With the right leather jacket, you can upgrade a fairly basic look into your next timeline pic (come on angles!). There are so many types of leather jackets that even though they may seem to look alike, you can’t help but want them all. So regardless of whether your favorite leather is for date night or that last-minute run to Target in pajamas, with a just a few simple styling tricks, you can catapult your leather jacket into constant outfit rotation like a true fashion icon. Every. Single. Time.  


#1 The Classic Plain Leather Jacket:

Be the envy of all sports moms, by stepping up to a home game in your classic plain leather jacket. Are you sporting yours with all kinds of cool stationary accents, like gold zippers? Then you’re totally killing it. Pair the classic leather jacket with a simple or graphic tee, slim-fit jeans or shorts, a fresh pair of kicks and voila! Instant snack attack. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be cool toting around a car full of mini athletes. This is how cool moms do casual – take note!


#2 Rockstar Studded

Some statements are better said in clothes. When it comes to leaving the house in something over-the-top, only a bit of pomp and circumstance with do. Whether your showstopping piece is bedazzled in bling, jewels, or precious metals – there’s no stopping your shine sunflower.


#3 Sass it up With A Skirt:

Get your Sons-of-Anarchy-meets-Clueless on, by pairing your leather jacket with a super cute skirt for a look that speaks to the crowd before you even enter the room. This look serves as a fresh look while out at the mall or to a party (yes, even a kid’s birthday party – you got this). Want extra cool points? Throw on a pair of sunnies or non-prescription frames. It’ll totally give off those “so fresh and so clean vibes.”



#3 Leather-a-trix

Listen, we love leather on leather. Especially with a good bootie. We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that the second two leaves dropped off the neighborhood tree, you had pumpkin spice latte Kpods your boot collection pulled out for consideration! (Or, maybe it was just us) So, why not make the best of both worlds and pair your favorite leather jacket together with an ankle, combat, or thigh high boot? Take the look up another notch with leather pants or leather boots. Though this can be somewhat of a risky move, confidence nails this look every time. It is a total power move and we are courtside Drake clapping for you mom.


#4 A Chic Yet Bold Statement:

A leather jacket with a dress is a very good idea. This is layering at its best. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then an LBD is her sidekick. From maxi dresses to mini-length, the combination of long and short create a powerful feminine statement. You can choose a flowy, bandage, or layered dress (doesn’t matter) – the leather just makes it better! 




#5 Off the Top:

Listen, one of the easiest ways to glam up any outfit is with good old-fashioned accessories. Right now, we’re pretty obsessed with fedoras and long brim hats – why not toss it on with your favorite leather jacket and hit the streets making a statement? POSE.

#5 Pop it Off:

This one is a simple win-win ladies. Color always wins in a line up. Channel your inner Starbust and strut it on out to the mailbox… swag, delivered.


#6 No More Rainy Days:

“Is it raining!?” The moment you hear that little pitter-patter sound against your window pane, two things come to mind: A) OMG humidity and B) I really. Don’t. Want. To get WET. Rest assured, leather is a great weather protectant! So grab your galoshes and step out into inclement weather in a leather trench coat (or just pretend your leather jacket is one). And although your leather jacket might not be a curl humectant, you’ll certainly turn heads even when yours is under fire…or, water that is.


#7 An Instant fashion Upgrade:

Just finished a workout or need to run some errands? Say no more. With a leather jacket on, you really don’t need much else to complete the outfit because the jacket itself takes centerstage immediately. But if you decide to level up your outfit albeit a casual outing, dinner or a gathering, a leather jacket is just the trick to take an already bomb outfit over the top!



The leather jacket is sought after and desired by people all over the world and it has rightfully made itself a prominent staple in the fashion industry. There are so many ways to style a leather jacket that we could write a book on it. (*inserts buy it now link) You can wear them cropped, long, standard, or vested. You can buy them studded, embroidered, bedazzled or zippered. Regardless of what type you choose, there are endless ways to style it and these are just a few! Sound off in the comments and tell us, how do you rock your leather?

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